Our customer had taken on a delivery project of record size for one of its strategic customers. Fairly early on in the project the management realised that they had insufficient capacity to pursue a cross-functional delivery project together with their other business activities. Before the customer was affected they enlisted external help from Level21.


Level21 first appointed an experienced project manager who immediately rearranged the project. At the same time, another consultant from Level21 started a cross-functional survey of existing project management and methodology together with the company’s staff. In addition, a consultant from Level21’s management coached the company’s CEO and management team.
After a while one of the consultants from Level21 was able to step back and hand over the project management to an employee at the company, though with continued coaching and project support. The second consultant’s survey had resulted in an improvement programme, including training, and after a decision within the management team it was initiated on a relatively broad front. Coaching of CEO and management team continued on a monthly basis.


With challenges of this kind, measures must be implemented immediately in order to minimise any risk of customer disruption, and at the same time it must be ensured that staff concerned keep up with the relatively rapid changes that are required. The fact that Level21 came in as a team meant that several individuals were able to focus specifically on the areas that were important, and thus have a powerful impact on the project. The customer project is now on track and the challenges are of a normal character.
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