Our customer had problems with a delayed project, recourse conflicts and a lack of clarity in the work of the steering group. Projects involving new business frequently had to take a back seat to allow urgent problems to be dealt with. The management decided to enlist the help of Level21 in order to improve project- and project portfolio management.


Level21´s team surveyed relevant factors which governed projects and ensured a cross-functional process for product and technology roadmaps. Objective selection methods for steering groups were introduced, together with improved allocation of resources. Development of methodology and working method was supplemented with development of expertise and leadership. Crucial to success in this area was control, working method, culture and transparency.
The improved working method was tested in an actual project and was implemented together with the customer. The methodology was documented in a project journal.


The outcome was a stable project portfolio which supports the company’s strategy and which is adapted to a really powerful implementation capacity. The decisions improved through increased transparency and gave our customer considerably better profitability. Reducing the number of projects that were being conducted in parallel increased the speed within the organisation and for the projects.
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