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Almedalen 2019: Digitalisation and burnout

Is the rapid pace of change and technological development too intensive for us humans? Changes that we don't understand are governing both direction and pace. How can companies create an environment that promotes performance and that is simultaneously sustainable? How are we to avoid burned-out organisations and individuals?

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When we founded Level 21 many years ago it was because we observed that many middle managers had been given the cold shoulder by their organisation when they presented the management’s strategies: ”It’s not possible, absolutely impossible to implement under current circumstances.” Today, as then, many middle managers are in precisely this position, squeezed between the management’s visions and the organisation’s everyday life of detailed requirements. We call this the strategy gap.

At the same time, we had noted how the large consulting firms were focused on the strategies’ designs rather than on their implementation and reception in the organisation. Our picture was and remains that the strategy gap has put a stop to the implementation of many good strategies and prevented organisations from creating a lasting change. That was the starting point for Level21, and it is still what we are passionate about.

Not everyone has the background and the drive needed to work on building these ”bridges”. Along with our colleagues, we can do it thanks to our wide industrial experience, business knowledge, capacity to change perspective and experience of numerous successful projects. We have learned a lot about what is required from our work deep inside our customers’ processes. Translating business plans into action plans that deliver sustainable results has become Level21’s greatest strength through the motto “warm heart, cold head and quick feet”.

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Peter Modig, Lars Cederblad, Henrik Linder and Beatrice Björk
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How do you become best in the future? What organisation is required to develop the new and what culture should be in place for such an initiative?

Be best in the future

How do you become best in the future? What organisation is required to develop the new and what culture should be in place for such an initiative?

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