Our customer, in this case a large global group, made a strategic decision to evaluate how growth within a business area could be accelerated. However, there was insufficient expertise and resources internally to conduct the analysis and establish an ambition and a plan for aggressive growth.


A consultant from Level21 was given responsibility for the growth programme and was subsequently appointed product manager for the business area. With aims and objectives defined for the assignment, the consultant then commenced the analysis independently, providing the group executive board with frequent updates. An initial step was to ensure increased understanding and participation from key persons within the group.
In order to achieve fast and effective implementation, the consultant pursued three parallel activities: Customer needs in a global market were analysed, the business area’s organisation was developed and strengthened, and discussions were held surrounding how the product portfolio could be renewed more rapidly.


The assignment was a balance between in part an existing operation, in part production of new business and innovative new products in order to accelerate growth. The obvious risk of a strategy gap was managed in that the organisation’s capacity had to go hand in hand with the management’s and the board’s expectations and the growth opportunities identified.

Growth within selected territories was +30% with retained or improved profitability.

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