How do you act in Product Management in a world of hyper change?  – Powerful Execution in Product Management!

Product Management Arena
Västerås November 28, 07:30-09:00
Stockholm December 6, 07:30-09:00


Level 21 has launched a model of Two Leggedness; How to reach excellence in the current business and at the same time lead the development of the future business. The product manager is in many situations the lead in this race and need to stay on top with Powerful Execution.

The world is today changing with a higher pace than ever. The political and economic agenda is changing, at the same time as technology opens new possibilities. Businesses are today facing challenges within e.g. globalization, digital transformation and hyper competitiveness. This happens in parallel with an increasing pressure to become more cost efficient, faster and provide a higher quality of the offering. Some thinkers call this situation “A perfect storm”.

The Product Managers (PM) is in the center of this storm. Being responsible to manage both short term and long term and usually across corporate functions and/or regions, the challenge is substantial!

“Anybody can manage short… Anybody can manage long… Balancing those two things is what management is.” –  Jack Welch

We strongly believe this is exactly what the Product Manager must do!

You are welcome to join the Product Management Arena to understand PM pains and gains, to test different alternatives, to leverage the change, and to build and share PM knowledge. Key questions for this first meeting are:

– Is the speed more important than the superiority of the offering?
– How can we focus on creating real customer value while increasing the speed?

The agenda for the first meeting is the following:

07:30 Welcome and objectives of the Product Management Arena while breakfast is served

Digital assessment of Product Management challenges

Powerful Execution in Product Management – how to deal with the duality of short and long term within PM! Integrated presentation and feedback from the audience.

Presentation of the Assessment

Conclusions and next steps

09:00 End of meeting and open mingle until 10.00

The Arena is intended for business oriented managers, managing directors, product managers as well as functional managers interfacing product management in both small and large businesses.

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