Sooner or later, management strategies arrive at the middle managers who are tasked with implementing the change in the organisation. This is a difficult and sometimes simply impossible task. Level21’s consultancy services are based upon the role of the middle manager.

We, the founders of Level21, had seen many middle managers given the brush off by their organisation when they presented the management’s strategies: “It can’t be done, it’s impossible with things as they are now.” Then, as now, many middle managers were in this situation, stuck between the management’s visions and the organisation’s reality with detailed requirements. We call this a strategy gap.

At the same time, we had noted how major consultancy firms focused on the strategies’ design, rather than on their implementation and reception in the organisation. Our image was, and is, that the strategy gap has stopped the introduction of many good strategies and prevented organisations from creating lasting change. This was the starting point for Level21.

We believe that change can come from above and from below, but we work in parallel with its execution from the middle manager’s perspective. Formulating a good strategy must be a challenge, but it must always have a bottom-up perspective. Finding the right level for a strategy is difficult at an early stage; there should always be enough space for adapting to the detailed requirements of the organisation. In our work as consultants, we work on bridge-building from bottom-up and top-down to achieve lasting change.

Not everyone has the background and drive necessary to work on building these bridges. We and our staff can do this thanks to our broad industrial experience, business knowledge, ability to change perspective, and experience from many successful projects. We have learned a lot about what is necessary from our work, deep in our customers’ processes. Translating business plans to action plans that provide lasting change has become Level21’s greatest strength, through our motto: warm heart, cold head, and quick feet.

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Peter Modig, Lars Cederblad, Henrik Linder and Beatrice Björk
Owners, and active at Level21